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Sliding Windows

Vantage sliding windows combine strength and solidity with smooth operation and convenient features. Sliding windows can be supplied in two panel (one opening panel and one fixed), three panel (two opening panels and one central fixed panel) or four panel (two central opening panels and two side fixed panels. More info >

Sliding Doors

Vantage sliders are both visually attractive and extremely practical. They have earned a reputation as the most versatile and economical door type for access to deck and patios. The standard slider provides half the frame width opening for access to decks and patios and comes in two, three or four panel configurations. More info >

Awning & Casement Windows

Awning windows have been designed to accept winders and screens. This type of window may be more suitable in colder/wetter climates where the sash can be left slightly open in inclement weather. Awnings will also give the best sound and thermal insulating results.
Casement Option: Casement (side opening) sashes are available. These are fitted with stainless steel friction stays and deluxe wedgeless cam handles. More info >

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors connect the indoors and outdoors like no other. If you have wide views or an outdoor entertainment area, think seriously about installing bi-folds. They have the advantage of stacking out of the way for unimpeded access. Doors can stack to one side only or, for multiples, to both sides. More info >

French & Entry Doors

The Vantage French door is a masterpiece of design. Wide top and bottom rails and optional colonial glazing bars reflect the true French door style. Rebated stiles where the French doors close together give a flush appearance and provide superior weather protection.

Entry doors are also at the forefront of the Vantage product portfolio, with the emphasis on strength, aesthetics and robust function. Vantage aluminium entries are the low-maintenance option because they don't warp, shrink or swell, especially when exposed to wet weather. More info >